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Tuesday 24 October 2017

El Teatro

Avenue Ouled Haffouz le

1002 Tunis


Comédie (Monodrame) Sapiens a 45 000 ans, il commence à sentir les effets du vieillissement. Il habite un appartement dans un quartier de Tunis quand il reçoit une convocation de la police. Il est accusé d’être à l’origine de la disparition des chasseurs-cueilleurs. Il refuse de se rendre, c’est alors que la police décide de lui envoyer la Brigade de lutte contre la grande criminalité. Sapiens n’a plus le choix, il décide de repousser l’attaque des agents de la Brigade, et au lieu de prendre le public en otage, il le prend à témoin SAPIENS ne dit pas ce qu’il en est réellement d’Homo-Sapiens et de son histoire sur terre depuis plus de 45000 ans. La pièce parle de ce que l’on peut faire d’un homme manipulé par la fiction des religions et des droits de l’Homme. la pièce est sur-titrée en français

Motorpsycho [no]

Groovesound & Overdose unlimited present MOTORPSYCHO [no] Mittwoch / mercredi, 01.11.2017 Coupole / Gaskessel, Silbergasse, 2502 Biel/Bienne Türöffnung / Ouverture des portes: 20:00 h Beginn / Représentation: 21:00 h Kein Vorverkauf / Pas de Prélocation: CHF 25.- "This is how we got here: Kenneth Kapstad’s June 2016 departure from Motorpsycho left the remaining psychos Hans Magnus Ryan and Bent Sæther fending for themselves. An almost ten-year ride was over, and things were again changing in the Psychoverse. After a fall busy at the Trøndelag teater, writing and performing the Begynnelser music live for 40 performances, the search for a replacement started, and by December 2016 Tomas Järmyr had become the new drummer in Motorpsycho. The fit was natural, and it didn’t take more than a couple of rehearsals for the old-timers Snah and Bent to figure this out: the chemistry was there from the get go, and by mid-January enough new material was ready for the band to start contemplating recording. When the initial plan to work with Alain Johannes fell through due to conflicting schedules, the back-up plan – to self-produce with engineer Noah Shain and executive producer Dave Raphael at White Buffalo in Downtown L.A. – became reality, and in early March the band found themselves in Los Angeles, well-rehearsed and ready to record. The band and their cohorts hoped to get most of the work done over a three-week period, and tracking began on March 6. After about ten days of recording basic tracks for the more brutal stuff at White Buffalo, the gang decamped to Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree to focus on a little more laid-back material. Three effective days with Hayden Scott and Dave Catching out there in the desert added a little light to the prevailing darkness in most of the material, and also added a little clear desert air to the proceedings. The remaining week was spent in L.A. tracking vocals and adding overdubs. After a few weeks of further work back in Norway, Noah...

Caravan Silk Trade Route Trek - 15 Days

CARAVAN SILK TRADE ROUTE TREK - Nov 27 - Dec 11, 2017 (15-Day trek) This magnificent 15-day trek came out of an expedition I took with a nomad who had spent most of his life in this area - (2 years without seeing one person). Searching for a new trek, I was the first western person to trek on foot, the silk route 'trail', deep into the Sahara, navigated by stars and sun, all the way from Douz to the highest dune in the Tunisian Sahara (the expedition was over 300 kilometers). I fell in love with the area, and want to share part of this journey with others. Fall in love with the vast spaces, huge dome of blue sky, dunes over 200 meters, unbelievable star-lit nights, and most importantly, sharing the nomad way of life with our amazing Bedouin cameleers, who have an intrinsic sense about the Sahara. Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime journey deep into the untouristed, raw and real Sahara Desert. You will spend 5 days in the area where caravans travelled during the time of the silk route trade, as well as rocky mountains with incredible views. But I wont give away all the surprises!!!

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